Saturday, August 14, 2010

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the Guys
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Cora has been rolling over as well as starting to eat some rice cereal. She had a great time in StLouis and talked the whole time but continues to be pretty quiet at our house. I chalk it up to the fact that she just studies all that she can of the boys and forgets to get a word in herself. Jack starts K this week and Cora and Rob will be at Moms day out while I teach class two days at week at that same Moms day out. Jack has mixed feelings about starting school. I know he will do great but I am not sure he is convinced. I think and am inticipating that the hardest thing might be the major change in schedule for all of us. This picture is from today. I braved the heat- yes it had a heat index of 117- with the boys to take a turtle that Bo had rescued this week to a new home at Shelby Farms. Jack had a hard time letting it go until I talked about the fact that a wild turtle matches the pond and woods better than it fits into our living room. He cheered up when he saw how well it was camoflauged and that it 'took' off to a cool shady place under a tree. I personally am ready for this heat to be over and for us to get into a schedule of sorts.

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