Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Next and Now

So you might have noticed how my writing time on the blog has dropped off. If you havent, I have. Writing is just not on the list for the days. I think about it often but it has been placed back into the list that starts with 'Eventually'. Eventually I will be able to sit still for an hour, eventually I will wear non spotted with food clothes, eventually I will . . . you get the drift. I think of it alot. There is a lot of material here to work with, that is for sure. But I think this is the time to really focus on problem solving, making time for Bo and I, working on better meals for all of us, and playing together. I am really enjoying this time and it is like setting out all the containers you have to catch the rain b/c you know the drought is coming. When I look at Jack compared to Cora I see this very strongly. She will be his size sooner than later and the boys will be on to the next thing even sooner. So instead of thinking of witty things to say on my blog to make you like me more I am going to focus more on saying things to the boys that really means something. So for now continue to enjoy the pictures and videos while I enjoy the now too.

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Marie M. said...

I like this a lot Tirzah! I'll be praying for you guys.