Sunday, October 24, 2010

leaps and bounds

cool kid
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Well Rob officially has 4 eyes now. And he is loving it. We got the glasses on wed and everyday I hear him describing something more that he sees. Friday it was airplanes in the sky during a beautiful sunset we saw. It took me a minute before i realized that he probably hasnt seen an airplane in the sky in a long time if ever, although if you are in midtown when FedEx is coming in you can practicaly touch them they are so close. Anyhoo he loves them. I think he looks pretty darn cute too.
Jack is settling into school. I get to hear small recaps at different times of the day or week. He is learning poetry, letters, sounds, math and tons more but in usual kid fashion his favorite thing is PE.
Cora is on to real food. She started turning up her nose at the jarred food about 2 weeks ago and has not looked back. So my meal prep time has gone up and I am remembering more and more of how to feed a baby food. Peas are her favorite so far like her brother Rob and I havent seen any allergic reactions like Jack was showing at this age. She is joy to be around and a sweety. When she is 9 months I will miss her being 8 months but I know we will have just as much fun.


Maria said...

oh, super cute. now he has to come out to Tucson. we have awesome airplanes out here all the time.

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

This update made me so happy. I love the glasses and wonder if you helped to pick them. My folks let me choose my first pair and Cy is still laughing at the pink Snoopy pair that I was so very proud of! Miss you.