Thursday, December 23, 2010

23rd of December

morning book time
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Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope to see most of you this week. I had a good laugh at how telling it was that the flickr pictures only have pictures of the boys in their Jammies! We have gone places and gotten dressed but the majority of the day has been spent in PJs. cooking, playing, wrapping, Wii-ing, reading etc. One thing that has been extra fun is morning time. How quickly we get into the habit of rushing out the door for the day at school or work or errands. this week and last we have not rushed out the door and it has been fun. I get Cora up and feed her in the big bed and by that time Rob is ready to hang out so he comes in and borrows down in the blankets. Eventually Jack comes in and we all talk or read until someone is HUNGRY. And then on with our day, in jammies of course.

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