Saturday, December 11, 2010

Limps alot and Scoots alot.

life is hilariuos!
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Well that describes Cora and I these days. The injury to my knee was a torn ACL in my left knee. It has been two weeks ago now. Besides pregnancy I have not been held back physicaly in a long time and it has been frustrating and humbling. I feel better and better every day but am still very slow. Cora on the other hand is developing a style of getting around that is all her own. It is like a non crawl. First she leads with a foot pushed out in the direction she wants to go then swivels her knees and so on. Basicly she is crawling with her thunder thighs. She has weathered some more painful teething lately but as the picture shows you know when she is feeling good! I am so thankful for freinds and family who step in the gap that is left when i had to be on the couch for two weeks. Bo has done overtime here at the house and at work to keep us going. So all and all we are well but are looking forward to Christmas and hopefuly some true rest.

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