Friday, March 25, 2011

yep, back at the docs.

at docs 9:30 by Jacks mom
at docs 9:30, a photo by Jacks mom on Flickr.

I sent Cora to bed with what I thought was a couple bug bites but when I get her up this morning she was covered in what turned out to be hives from head to toe. I dropped Jack off at school then went to the docs. Her hives look different from Jacks at this age so I was afraid they were something else but the doc confirmed that they were hives stemming from a reaction to something. Her legs and feet, arms and hands were very swollen and that was the scariest part to me. Histamines and steriods led to diminishing hives for the rest of the day. We dont know what this was from and could be a simple reaction to the weather, which got down to 33 degrees last night! All in all it was familiar to walk down this road with Cora b/c Jack was this way as well but it is never fun to wake up your one yr old covered with angry red whelps. By the way she didnt complain once, she is one tough little cookie.


Maria said...

Poor Cora! That looks uncomfortable. I'm glad she's feeling better.

KJames said...

So sad!!!

Pauline said...

Poor Cora! I hope she doing much better. It is so sad when they are that little and they are hurting.

The Kallaher Family said...