Sunday, June 05, 2011

The breakdown

I was considerng how to fill you guys in on life here and the best way is to break it down for you.JACK
Jack finished school very well. We are not going to the same school next year. I had a hard time trying to drive the fine line between wanting Jack to know what is going on and giving him a legittimate chance to say good bye to people there. He did great and we talked about it at length whenever he wanted to. He has also visited to the school he will be attenting next year and that helped a ton. In other everyday news Jack is continueing to read Clavin and Hobbes and play his Wii. He is sending his indoor time inventing Lego creations and inventing other things like brain wave indicator, Transmogifier and a duplicator. I was going to wait to cut his hair right before his birthday but it just got toooooo shaggy! It would also get in the way of his swim goggles which are paramont in his life b/c he LOVES the pool. It is fun to watch the both swimming and remember how much time i spent in the pool as a kid and how great it is. He is definatly the older brother around here in attitude and skill level. My goals for him are to continue to have confidence but be able to be with people around him on their level as well.
Robster is loving summer too. His swimming has greatly improved during lessons this week and he loves swimming after the torpedo in the pool as long as he can. He loves the sandbox even though we have not been aout to be outside as much this week b/c it is already averaging 95 outside and today will be 100. Rob is his brothers shadow and strives to do everything he does. Rob is better than Jack at some things though. One being solveing problems. We do a scavanger hunt every tuesday. I plant the clues all over the house and they find them. Jack gets stumped pretty easily but Rob realizes the answer pretty fast most of the time. It is going to be hard to stop Rob once he takes the lead.

Cora is walking full tilt now. No more scooting or crawling. It feels like that was a short lived time. She loves purses and saying good bye as well as peek-a-boo games and books. She is sooooo content to wander in to the boys room to see what they are doing ,mess with them a bit then comes back to see what i am doing, then back to the boys. She will do this all morning if she is given the chance. She knows what she wants and is a big 'talker'. She is still napping very well. Cora is different then the boys in that she wants to be with me more then they did and I dont mind a bit. She is getting used to the pool this week. She loves her Jack and thinks Rob is very fun even though she can already push his buttons. She is growing fast and I am soaking in all of it.

Bo and I?
We are well. We got to go to a movie yesterday thanks to free babysitting from my mom. We have had some sweet times with freinds new and old in the last few weeks. We are trying to stay ahead of the tide of our fast growers but at the same time enjoy it.
I posted a few videos and lots of pictures this morning. enjoy.

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BayleyDickinson said...

hi tirzah,thanks for commenting on our blog. it seems that you are all doing very well and growing nicely. i am glad. enjoy your really hot weather. that is one thing i do not miss being here.