Tuesday, August 23, 2011

at the library

I have always loved the library. This colorful building is in the kids part and the boys love to read in it. Cora is at a hard stage for the library because she loves the library only like a 18 month old can- loudly and running. Not really good library behavior. So while I grab books off the shelve and run after Cora the boys have some nice reading time in the house.


Pauline said...

Joel is my big reader.That is ALL he did on Saturday. I think he read 2 books-300+ pages each:)Don't think Jesse will be like that though. Its like pulling teeth getting him to read.

Tirzah said...

the boys gobble up comics around here. get some very Grated ones- b/c there are not not Grated ones, and see where that goes.

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures and writings.
Keep posting ! ! ! !
We watch over and over. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

I am so behind on posting anything, but I love this photo. What a beautiful reading space. And I love how it captured a moment of being transported away into a book for one of those sons of yours.