Saturday, August 13, 2011


As I type the boys are dashing through the sprinkler and Cora and I are having our coffee and snacks with our feet in the baby pool. Bo is putting some manual labor into our house. It is saturday. It is saturday. It is the first saturday. My favorite quote from Jack this week has been 'All we do at school is work work work!' He almost didnt go the first day. He complained that his stomach all monday morning and since he didnt have a fever I chalked it up to nerves. So off we went. Being the brilliant mom that I am chose the curviest road there. What was I thinking? I have the most car sick kid I have ever known. So when we got there and were walking up the side walk to school Jack lost his breakfast on someones front lawn. So I took a deep breath and loaded everyone back into the car and came back home. At home i didnt really know what to do. I was mad because lets face it I had my day planned out and this was not part of it. I was sad for Jack to miss the first day and I was confused about what to do next. So I let Jack alone with a sprite and the fan in the living room and sat in Coras room while she played. After a long quiet time for all of us to gain some perspective I asked Jack if he wanted to go to school now and he said YES! so trip two to the school began. Thankfully the school was very understanding and Jack was all of a sudden very excited to go to school. He finished the day great and everyday this week. He definatly thinks they work too hard. The best thing this week has been how great Rob and Jack have been together in the afternoons b/c they genuinely have missed each other. Some things that I have remembered this week has been that yes school is hard, school from a parents perspective is a whole new ballgame and it is going to be quite an adventure.


Pauline said...

Poor kid! I am glad he ended up going anyway and that he had an awesome day. Today is everybody's first day here. Riley in 3rd, Jesse in 2nd and Joel in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! How can that be??? I hope and pray they all had a wonderful day.

KJames said...

I love this story, and I'm so proud of him for trying again later! I love hearing that Rob and Jack have missed each other during the day...I hope Liv and Eliza feel the same way some day!