Saturday, January 07, 2012

January 2012

Robster Jan 2012 by Jacks mom
Robster Jan 2012, a photo by Jacks mom on Flickr.

I love this picture of Rob. I took it at the library this week. What I don't like is how old he looks.
January finds us all growing either vertically or horizontally. Rob is finally growing out of his favorite sweater we will all be sad to see that one go. But it is lovely as a mom to see him growing in character and personality. Rob for good or bad does not meet a stranger- ever. The guard at the art museum this morning did a good job scaring him back to my side though but then we found an older guard in the back of the museum that Rob chatted with. But I digress. Jack has waited patiently for a christmas gift to arrive and it has. So he spent the majority of today and yesterday afternoon putting together his Lego millinnium Falcon. If there are mornings that the boys get up before Cora and I then its a sure bet they are at the lego table talking and putting things together. Cora? What can i say? She continues to charm, smile, babble, boss and love her way through her days. She hasnt committed to trains and cars or baby dolls and dishes yet. She loves them all and focus on what is at hand. Cora and the boys goof off very well together and I am thankful for it all. Happy New Year all!

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