Friday, July 13, 2012

How to get through the heat.

Thankfully it is NOT 105 today but it has been so here is how we got by. 

Library. It is the place to go! It is freezing in those places and any mom of readers knows the beautiful quiet in the car on the way home. Lovely.
Creativity. Dont plan the while day everyday. I overheard a mom at a bookstore today talking about how she felt bad doing household paper work because it left the kids 'unstimulated'. I was exhausting just hearing her say that. (yes I was evesdropping) Now dont get me wrong 'undeveloped' days, the days where no one including yourself knows what to do are very dangerous. BUT come on folks let the kids get bored! Then be ready to help them navigate what to do on their own and how to be responsible for it. Jack wanted to do a lemonade stand. I said yes and bit my tongue on strategies on when and how and all the details I know as a 37 yr old. he made some money and more importantly worked at it for 5 hours! We talked about what he could do better next time and said way to go!

Playground. If it is cool enough- run them!

 Inside tricycle. This is a stretch for me but it has been great. It finally has Rob knowing how to pedal and has become a valuable tool in cleaning. Yes, cleaning. See that green bucket on the back? Each boy has a room to clean and they have fun being the delivery boy taking things to their spots. They have had a good time doing this and it is fun to watch too. 
So there it is a little into how we function in the summer. I didnt mention the pool or our little pool in the back but that is a given. We are at the pool as much as possible. We have seen friends and gotten some things done too. We are well into summer and sadly only three weeks left! 

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