Thursday, October 19, 2006

misty walk

misty walk
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What else could we do but laugh? The day off which was forcasted to be sunny was not. I cant say that I was to sad though. I love misty cold rain. It is energizing and beautiful. We had a great day. The fields were harvested and the dirt was turned over waiting for spring. The out look above is on the bluffs above the Missouri river. On our way back we took the ferry across the river. It was calm and I felt like a total tourist. Jack thought it was fun but I dont think that he grasped the whole idea. Needless to say we accomplished our goal of getting out of town and even had the car chased by a country dog. It was a good drive.

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Pierre Schlomo Presley said... stroll again!

In response to your question, I raad about half of "Salt" on the way to Venice. I enjoyed it. Now I know how to pack and salt my own boar's meat! Also, quite a timelz read in light of today's resource wars...