Thursday, November 23, 2006

fam thanksgiving day 2006

fam thanksgiving day 2006
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I feel like I have come up for a breath of air. Juggeling an out break of hives/excema, sleep schedules, runny noses, teething, laundry has made the last two weeks hard. Things that make me smile in the middle are Jacks exclaiming "I find it" for anything he has been searching for, Robs bright eyes when you pick him up and Bos love for these little men. We got the day off ,so to speak, all I made was a green bean casserole so we spent the morning at the park and then the afternoon at the Gordons for turkey and ham. I really did miss family today but it was nice to pull us four up tight and enjoy the day.


ben said...

Nifty sculptures rawk, especially when the rhodes are present.
I miss you guys, (it's been too long bo)
See you on the other side of the semester.

Maria said...

Where are you guys? Is this Forest Park? Any snow yet?

tirzah said...

rawk Ben? Come any time please and we love ya too. Maria its 60 this week then the bottom drops out thurs with rain and snow. Here we go winter.