Tuesday, November 28, 2006

first and last

Rob looked a little apprehensive as I put the shopping cart into motion. I realized this was his first time at the grocery store in the big cart all by himself. He was securely buckled into the seat as I looked at the whole thing with new eyes. The seat is not very big and from his perspective he might as well have been sitting in the air. He little hands were holding on tight but he looked ready for the challenge. A good first. I am working on remembering that these are big firsts for Rob and seconds for me. On a different note the family picture below is the last picture my dear Nikon captured. There is no explaination or story it just stopped working. The Mac and the Nikon are by far my favorite non breathing objects around the house so I am very sad about this new development. I also have to admit it might make me have to write more than usual which will be a stretch. Oh I miss it!

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Maria said...

Oh no! This is not a good thing, not a good thing at all for friends that live way far away or for mom's that love their camera and pictures so much. But, on the upside, I love when you write about your life and thoughts and heart too.