Thursday, January 18, 2007

the best

yummy food
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom.
If you are a future mom, you need one.
If you are buying babyfood from the store, stop and buy one of these.
If you knew about it, why didnt you tell me and drag me to get one?
I thought that I was in the clear with feeding Rob anything because Jack was so allergic to everything. But he hates the store bought stuff! Hates it! Growling, shivering, everything. I dont have time to make all his food so I just put up with the drama for nutrition. Enter the FOOD MILL. Makes just the right amount, not loud, travels and will grind anything. I love it and whats better so does Robert. Seriously, go get one.


Maria said...

Not that I'm a mom or will be in the near future, but I remember my mom having one of those, and have been keeping my out for one just to buy for family.

Glad to see that they still exist. Really I am; I totally didn't want to have to buy baby food.

Rachel said...

Rob's hair looks great! He looks so grown up now.

Tirzah said...

Mom liked the hair too. What I am thankful you guys cant see is how jagged his hair is on the forhead.