Wednesday, January 17, 2007

these words do not match the picture

b/w sketch
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There are plenty of beautiful words out there in the blog world. I am always conflicted about this because I think that is an element that is missing from this one. So here goes. Today reading from Romans I was reminded of the amazing Love God has for us and that I am not under Law but under Grace! This grace has been apparent to me more and more lately. In ways that I did not ask to see but I am privileged to be a part of. I see it in an aquantince of mine who is old in years but growing more and more and telling more and more people about God and his love. I see it in the loving repremand from my mom. I see Gods love for us when the shelter meal schedule is full or a widow comes home to find friends mowing her lawn, unasked. I see it in a dear friends boldness to ask God for things I want to protect her in. I see it in my marriage because without grace there would be no growing. I see it in my life and praise God it is there.

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