Thursday, July 05, 2007


with mama
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I will admit I never wanted to have a blog entry that said I am busy but I cant run from it any more. Summer is upon us and we are busy. I dont know what happened to speed things up but they seem to go faster now. I have had to reconsider my priorities. Sitting on the floor with the tv, computor, and phone off had become the norm as much as possible. So far we have traveled, birthdayed, been sick, watched rain storms, swam, and played, played, played. The new stroller has been the best purchase of the summer and we use it almost everyday. There is a little bit of a routine around here but we still grab the sunscreen and head out the door any time we get. The things left to do this summer arer the cake, potty training for Jack, end of the pacifier for Rob. Three big steps I think we are ready for. Enjoy the pictures of some everyday life.

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