Saturday, August 25, 2007

The highlight of today. Let me rephrase that because I hate only having one highlight and how do you decide which one wins anyway, the hug from your 3 yr old or the boys playing well together?(I am bragging now) The funniest thing for today was Rob dancing in his seat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Not so funny just cute until I tel you that the music was about ranches and such set to a polka beat in Spanish. I kid you not. We all loved it especially Rob although after a while I wasnt sure if it was the food or music he loved most. That kid can dance! We are regulars at Mi Ranchiro and there so often the sweet hostess I swap notes with about our 3 yr olds gave us a bib with the logo on it. Rob proudly wore it today in his dance seat. We get to go to the Maynors for BBQ again tonight. First I love this because I dont think about dinner. But also I love that we are all in a yard where we all rotate taking each others seats, talking, playing with the kids, playing washers and eating. Its like a quiet dance that has nothing quiet about it. So we are off to the Maynors now. I promise pictures at some point. I feel like my trigger finger is in rehab.


Michael said...

Hey T,

M Ford checking in on you. Sounds like you're doing well. I am in STL now so we might run into each other eventually (the bigger the town the smaller it is).

Happy motherhood btw.

Tirzah said...

Welcome to StL. We would love to see you. TR