Monday, September 24, 2007

Balloon race 07

Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
The balloon race this year was low key. Only the boys and I could make it so we three headed out with snacks and stroller to our favorite spot on Art HIll. The energizer bunny took off finally, you can see it above Jack, but the race lifted but never really took off because of the lack of wind. It was pretty incredible to see all of the balloons in the air together. I think thats what I like about the race you dont really know what each year will be like. The boys had fun waiting snacking, looking at dogs and playing. I am already looking forward to next year.


Christine Gordon said...

I love this picture of Jack. said...

Yeah! The annual balloon race pictures from Tirzah. I was wondering if one or two would make an appearance. I think I used to have a Mickey Mouse shirt like that - I loved it.

The clear blue skies are incredible.