Sunday, September 30, 2007


tall kids
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Since when is Rob as tall as the table? Since this week. I was watching them right now and realized Rob can see on top of the dining room table. I dont know why this is a shock to me but it is. It seems like the growing has gone in spurts and this week was a big one. HIs body doesnt just do one thing at a time either. He was working on no less than 4 big teeth, learning fine motor skills with his hands, and gaining some inches. Of course this made for a tough week for him but I think he is a tough kid so far. The only good thing about grwoing weeks like this are that he needs more hugs and snuggles which but the look of things are going by fast. Sometimes when his little arm is around my neck in a 'dont put me down' hold I already know I am going to miss this when the hugs are gone. Then I laugh because I realize every little step they take will probably be a big shock to me.

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