Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy 31st All

Super Jack!
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Whew ! Two weeks and no post, Sorry guys. I was on my 5th and last cape yesterday when my machine quit. Not only quit but had a fit and refused to budge. Oh, I was mad. If this had been one of my kids we would have figured it out and moved on but my machine doesnt work that way unfortunatly. So Ellitos cape was not finished yesterday. Jack and Robs were as well as the Maynors so we walked over and gave them theirs. We had so much fun running around the yard. From that story you might think that the boys are going as a super hero but they arent. Jack might be a big blue Lego.( no pictures yet-sorry). But I say might because Jack goes in and out of wanting to wear it or not. No big deal because I spent a big 5 bucks on the supplies for it (I am a cheap mom) but I hope by 5 he at least wants to wear it for a bit while we go over to the Maynor's house fro hot dogs and smores. Anyway I am rambling here. All this to say the pumkins are carved, I am thinking of turkey, costumes are done(probably never worn) and I have a sweater on. Fall is fully here and I am glad. I really am going to post more. I forget that you guys like to hear the everyday stuff not just the extra special stuff. Last thing I did get done today thanks to Rachel and her machine was finish Elliots cape, Yeah!


ben said...

HooRay for Capes! The Lego costume was paper mache' ?

Tirzah said...

OH no- too messy. Box+ziploc containers+blue spray paint. Easy and cheap.