Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowed in

ready for a jog
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
I feel like a I have done very well this cold snowy winter. Febuary is sliding away fast but cabin fever has crept in. The boys were home all day playing with me watching cartoons and playing with our neighbors. Neighbors who they love to see come through the door and I am very thankful for. It makes the day less long. On another note Rob continues to love his clothes. Track suit for today too bad we can't run around outside.


angela said...

thanks for visiting, lady.

wow. you have some sweet little rock stars. ;) sweet pics of the snowdays.

and YAH...oh my gosh...people make fun of me too about the bodyworlds thing. i'm not squeamish about stuff, but the thought of the plasticizing process? GAH!

MARIA said...

Mr. GQ. every family has to have some one who appreciates clothing styles.