Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The snow has melted.

Whew almost a month and no entry? Sorry about that my faithful readers. Nine pm bed time for me or earlier puts a dent into blogging. I finally felt rested today so I am trying to take inventory around here and pick up the slack. Rob just got another double ear infection. I think it started last week or more because he is finally sleeping through the night as well as up to his fun active self. What a trooper though. The Dc says he is the only one she has that lets her 'loop' wax out of his ear without screaming. He is on the mend now and I am very glad. My back was beginning to wear out from carrying around a 30 pound sick kid who would not be by himself. Jack has been a champ these last few weeks. Traveling, sick brother, a little sick himself, Papa's travel, my birthday, me being sick, and rain have not dampend his character a bit. The rain marks for me the beginning of spring. Finally washing away the ice that has lingered. Wetting the earth fro the green to come. We are ready for spring. I was dreaming yesterday of all the places we hang out outside and play and breezes that come through, so nice, so soon.

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