Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chapter 5

sweet beach
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I feel like i am coming out of a fog. Considering it is mid July I have started thinking things like- wow that was two months ago or hey we should go to that park again or it is almost August-already. Speaking of months ago. Our Florida trip from this year seems like it was a year ago not just May. We moved the boxes in then two weeks later we went to Florida with my parents. This week every summer is a sweet time for everyone. It isn't fancy place but I really love that it is on the water and I can walk or sit on the beach and still be close. But the week ends and we headed back. Headed back to where? Jack was sad about this event and I think it set in that we were not headed back to places he knew but we were going back to lots and lots of new. When we got back there was some questions like , Are my toys staying here too? which means he was figuring it out but not there yet. I cant say I had figured it out by then either. June was lived in a fog. Little breaks in the fog revealed some great spots. One of them is Corely Park. Slides from the 70s a new play area and a water sprinkler that comes on every day. Best thing about this park was that it is always low key. Not a huge amount of kids. I like it because of the pine smells, tall trees, and birds. I found some quiet. We have since then found other parks but his will always remind me of those first weeks here. We all still wrestle with all the newness. Jack got so used to me pulling into a parking lot to turn around and go back the exact way we had just came, he started saying- Just turning around mom?- or - Did you miss your turn mom?. We have bought passes to the kids museum which is a big step for me. There are other steps I know are coming but for now I am just glad to be moving out of the June fog. I will tell you I continue to miss friendly knocks at the door and neighbors. It is very scary to think there may not be many new and friendly faces when the fog is all gone.


ben said...

Cheer up sister, the Lord will provide. :) I spoke with David yesterday - he said he had a great time catching up with guys.

Christine Gordon said...

That comment made me love your brother even more than I already did. And you know I love your brother.