Sunday, July 06, 2008


boys on safari
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I forgot to post that we went t the zoo this week to check it out. It is a good zoo. Thats alot for me to say coming from StL zoo which I think is the best ever! Great fish and turtles and snakes. The fish building was huge and even had sharks which is what you get if you live this close to the ocean I guess. There was like very kind of turtle you can think of small and large. There was a animal barn with farm animals which Rob liked alot. The downside was the bad maps. I dont think they actually think people read it so it wasn't very good map, I think only I was bummed about this. The train was also a let down. It wasn't even a real train. It was a motorized cart you see in malls and the driver drove it in a small circle. There was a playground which was shaded and that was a very good thing. The hippos habitate was very lacking as well and this made us all sad. They have a cool transport train that takes you from the botanical garden back and forth to the zoo. I decided to walk to the botanical garden for my exercise and the walk would take me over a large bridge, then ride the tram back. Well the useless map didn't mention all the good trails are unmarked therefore useless to me and the double stroller for fear of getting stuck. Nor did it prepare me for the 3/10 of a mile hike straight up a hill! The legs got worked folks! At least I know what I am in for next time. All in all a good day. The best part for me and Jack might say as well was camping out in the parking lot for lunch. The boys were hungry and dived right into eating and thee was another family a couple vans down having a good time as well so it was rather festive for a parking lot. Good zoo- we will be back.