Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For Nora P

Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
Thought you might like this even though his running has greatly improved. We miss you guys and hope you are well.


KJames said...

It's the big wheel!!!

Ashley said...

hey tirzah, so i had an easier time finding you through google than facebook. have just spent about 10 mins perusing your blog (love it, want to read more) and still wondering what brought y'all back to memphis. also would love to hear abt switzerland, etc. random, and probably too late, but we like vanicream sunscreen. you have to order it from walgreens, but non prescription. they get it in 24 hrs. samuel has really sensitive skin and it has worked for him. i think it has a 60 spf. anyway, i really would like to meet up with you and your cute boys. strangely we are busy this week (never happens), but have every day free the next week. i will get back in touch. until then, hope your adjustment to memphis goes well.