Thursday, June 04, 2009

let the swim begin

silly Rob
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
We are getting into a bit of a routine here in Memphis. One of the musts is playing in the tiny pool in the backyard. It fits the bill. It is free, small and Jack is really getting brave going under water and learning to hold his breath. It is one of the more relaxing times of the day for me too. I sit in the blue chair and just watch or write out the large amount of things I need to get done. If it is on a list I feel better about it like it will acually get done. Where to live and where Jack is going to go to school, insurance are the short list I work off of everyday. Just these three things as you can imagine take forever! It is like you never have all the information and each day is a new one. I look forward to September when maybe these three questions will be settled one way or the other. On a easier note we are headed to St Louis next week where I am going to see friends and make a wedding cake for a saturday wedding of a friend. I am looking forward to sitting on familiar porches in the evenings, walking the neighborhood to Meshugah, meeting new babies, eating at Pho Grand (crispy eggrolls here I come!) and the Ranch, trying out the new Yogurt place on the loop and most of all being with friends.

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