Monday, August 24, 2009

sat move the 22 of Aug

were in!
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
We made it into the house on sat thanks to brothers and friends help. The house is more space then we have ever had so I dont feel pressured to get everything in its perfect place yet. We are xcited to be in our own place and the boys were overjoyed to see all their stuff. Click on the photo to go to picture page hwere I posted a before and after the move in. Note that we pulled out all the carpet, refinished the floors and painted.


Melanie said...

It looks great! Keep posting pictures as things come together. I want to see everything! No pressure :)

2WeeMonsters said...

I am so ridiculously happy for you all! I love the pictures, too and can't wait to see what the final product will be! It looks like such a nice space.

Marie said...

No more carpet!!!
The hard wood floors look great and so do the walls!