Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Hero fights back

Well it seems Rob might be a very 'on time' kind of guy. Insurance kicked in just yesterday so today as he was wrestling his consrtuction toy box open with a superhero figurine-the toy went into his eye instead. He really screamed louder then i had heard him scream- which in my mind ment Jack had offended him more than he had before BUT as I saw him and heard the story I hit speed dial to my dad for an eye doc. He calmed down by the time we got to the doc where he was a different version of superhero. Calm and collected he retold the story and read pictures off the far wall and even sat still with tears streaming down his face while the Doc put on a patch - took it off again- ouch - then put a final one on.Th injury in lay mans terms is a scratch to the cornia that will heal very soon. He was a groggy little one this afternoon but was his full self by bed. We go back to the doc in the morning for Pirate patch removal and he should be fine. On other matters we are moving slowly and the house is more of a wreck then I care to admit to but we have a bit of time and I am shall we say relishing the move into more space than I have ever occupied before.


Melanie said...

so sorry Bobby. Glad you are okay.

rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Rob and I have more and more in common each day. I miss you! Hug the boys for me...Love you, Andie