Monday, October 19, 2009

luke and the gang

luke and the gang
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
Well I finished their costumes early this year. Jack wanted a store bought storm trooper and Rob wanted a skywalker costume. Robs was easier than I thought it would be and that was very nice suprise. In other news the boys wore themselves out at Bos work fall festival. They had 4 moon bounces there which the boys love and there were not many kids so it was a great time b/c sometimes with too many kids moon bounces are dangerous. We are gearing up for our open house this weekend, cooking cleaning and finishing little projects.


dreamydrew68 said...

Love the costumes! They look great! Saw where the Open House had been rescheduled for Nov. Miss you!andie

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

Fantastic picture. Rob really looks the part. And the storm trooper costume of Jack's is amazing- he look so big! Ha. Wish my little octopus could come trick-or-treat at your house tomorrow.