Sunday, October 25, 2009

what to do on a Sunday?

happy hikers
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Well I had an excellent nap planned for myself But.... I was feeling good though after moms chicken soup got me back on track and it was beautiful oustide so I figured we should go on a bug hunt. I have been wanting to get out to Shelby Farms with the boys for a while so off we went. The boys took their bug holders while I grabbed my gardening gloves to accually grab the bugs. Note I pick up all bugs except grasshoppers- I need gloves for that- just do. Of course a huge grasshopper is what we found first and I am so glad I brought my gloves. Then a mile and half hike around looking for more. We found some more but decided to call it a day. The only thing missing was Bo. He has been out of town with work since tues and we are ready to get him back! The boys I have noticed are slicking the glue to wherever I am. This morning getting ready for church was interesting. Jack colored in his coloring book on the toilet while Rob handed me my makeup. I did talk them into releasing the bugs later today even though they wanted to keep them to show Bo, So the last week of Oct finds us enjoying fall weather and colors, ready for trick or treating, avoiding the Flu bug so far, appreciating close family and I am getting larger by the day.


Melanie said...

When Bo gets back, make him take a picture of you. Looks like a fun day.

Pauline said...

Looks like you guys had a blast:) I love the fall:) We went apple picking last weekend and had a blast even though it was FREEZING. Hope you are well.

Lloyd said...

What a wonderful day!