Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas round 2

tool time
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We celebrated with GG Papa Joe and Aunt Andie sat. I could get used to this endless entertainment for sure. People always around to play with the guys, or get drinks or even wipe runnny noses. I bring up the nose issue because Rob has been sick this weekend. Not bad in the least but he did lose his voice and talked in a whisper and fell asleep a few times right where he was playing. Watching Jack and Bo play their new Wii game definatly put him to sleep not b/c it was boring but b/c he was sitting still. Jack so far is great at Wii and I dont know if I will even try to out play him, i will leave that to others. So Christmas is over as of today and I need to get back to reality of cleaning and limits but I am very excited about the next month or so.

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Pauline said...

Oh, you got a WII! Jesse has always been good at the boxing game. He will beat kids & adults. Too funny:)
Hope you are well and getting some rest. Post some more prego pictures please:)