Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All

watch and batman presents
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What a great day. We hope that yours was fun and full as well. As a prego with only 7 weeks to go this week has been different than any other christmas I can think of. I eliminated all things that did not NEED to get done. This made me kinda sad b/c I really do wish i was Martha Stewart or at least Monica on some levels but it also helped me re-evaluate what I want Christmas to look like for the Rhodes. This picture is of Jack in his new shirt and new big boy watch. He loves this and is pretty good at telling time. We opened presents here at the house then went to Oma and Opas house to have a big brunch and stockings. We ate amazing food and opened very fun stuff. Then back home for play naps and chill. Two of my favorite things about Christmas with kids this year has been watching them play ALL day. It isnt just the toys in the box they play with but also the wrapping and cardboards and anything they can find. The other thing I love is that any schedule is out the door! I know it is b/c they are older and being a slave to schedule is very much in my soon future. So I love that I can say YES! to eating chocolates any time, no naps, and what ever else we feel like today. We get to do it all over again tomorrow with the Rhodes so I am off to an early bed. Merry Christmas!

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Brownie said...

Awesome picture of Jack! I know what you mean about them being older...even though Helen is still so little it is a big difference from last year. I'm glad ya'll had such an awesome day together. Merry Christmas again!