Saturday, March 06, 2010

between the hours

I live two days in 24 hours. The first day starts at 7am because that is usually as long as I can put off feeding the boys breakfast and ends at 7pm when the boys are settling into bed. The day is full of star wars, preparing food, phone calls, baseball and noise. The second day starts at 7pm when Cora starts her fussy time or awake for awhile time. The two days are very different. The nights are simple. Feeding at night has not been so bad. Ranging from getting up just twice to getting up every hour on the hour. Nursing, rocking in the chair and changing her diaper are the only things little Cora and I do. It is simple, it is sweet, it can be frustrating and it is for the most part quiet. I feel in a way that I am hurrying this little one along faster then I did Jack or Rob because i have been down this road before and my recovery has been very fast this time so there have been times I forget that Cora is just a bit older than 2 weeks. But Cora and I have the nights for the time being to be just two weeks old together.

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Janet said...

I'm seriously "awwwwing" right now. Must file this away to remember when our little one is 2 weeks in this world.

Thank you...