Sunday, March 07, 2010

last week

hot chocolate and uno
Originally uploaded by Jacks mom
I still had some pictures on my camera from last week. Here is a common scene from last week. It was very cold and I still was on the couch a ton so what is there to do? Hot chocolate and Uno of course. Jack will play a few hands then declare that the one who wins the next hand is the GRAND CHAMPION! Rob just comes and goes but defintaly makes time to finish his chocolate. Just a glimpse into last week for you. Cora was next to me on the couch the whole time. Thankfully the sun shined this weekend and it was amazingly warm so it looks like hot chocolate might be replaced soon with outside picnics.


Anonymous said...

great shots....we love all of them..


Marie M. said...

My dad bought me a backpack outside lunch bag that serves four people and I cannot wait to use it this spring/summer.