Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st day of K

1st day of K
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I am just now posting the first day of K pictures because I had thought I had lost them accidentally. But YEAH here they are. Note the grape juice on Jacks shirt the first day, we are just trying to keep it real folks. I dont want the teach thinking he is THAT great, yet. So a week has come and gone already and he is doing great. He thinks the other boys at the table are fun and I have been glad to hear him talking about them and who they are. That has been the most surprising thing so far about this week, Jack telling us about it. I thought he would just be hopping into the car and answer all my inquiries with a short yes and no. But he has been talking talking talking. It has been really fun to listen. Rob has been ok with the whole deal. He gets to go to mothers day out twice a week with me b/c I am working there now and likes it. He did say the first day as we drove away from dropping Jack off "that he didnt have anyone to talk to now" but he is coping. I am doing well too. I saw many crying moms the first day and it seemed expected for us to cry. My hardest but most proud moment was the second day of school we went through the carpool line where we had not practiced dropping him off but he jumped out at the spot and proudly dashed into the school, without a backwards glance. I told this to Bo later for some sympathy but Bos response was 'Good thats what we have been growing him up for-independence.' Right -I will remember that.


Pauline said...

LOVE the grape Juice stain:) He looks so handsome in the pictue. And I love how Rob is right behind him. Poor kid, he has nobody to talk to. Wish we could come over and play!

Anonymous said...

Such an exciting time!
We have thought of you all every day and hoping things are going well for all of you......and it sounds like it is.
How is Cora handling all the new changes and schedule?
See you soon.......can't wait for Jack and Rob to tell us EVERYTHING.