Saturday, August 21, 2010


celebrate first day cake.
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Its official we have a Kindergardener in the mix now. Here are the boys as we celebrate the day with a special blue death star cake that Jack wanted. During pregnancy I felt like I needed the nine months to get ready for having a little one. Now it is very clear that Kindergarden is one more step for all of us to adjust to Jack being fully on his own. Not now of course but it is a major change in lifestyle for us. Wensday night we had to leave pool early because it was a school night! Jack will be hopefully growing in character this year as well in academics. As a mom I am a bit sad. But glad too. Glad that Jack is continuing to grow. His class is a nice mix of boys and girls and he already knew a couple kids from other places we have been. So we are excited and hopeful as we head into this new adventure.

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Pauline said...

I love that cake. One question did you get that gray frosting. I remember I had to make a cake one time and could not get that color. Your gray looks AWESOME!!