Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OH no!

OH no! by Jacks mom
OH no!, a photo by Jacks mom on Flickr.

Rob, Cora and I went to the zoo this morning for a very quick trip b/c it was our last day for our membership and I couldnt stand not going on our last morning. The three of us had a blast here this fall as a trio. So we went ot see the fish and then, yes, played at the new playground the rest of the time there. Oh well. Sometimes I feel like I spend alot of energy trying to recreate a great moment with the kids. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I always need ot remember this is all new. Something else that is new is Cora's many faces. It is really fun to see that she is finally breaking her teeth in and therefore free to feel good. She is working on tons of new faces, all the time. Click on the picture for more examples. They are really fun. I felt kind of bad clicking away shot after shot on the camera of just Cora but honestly she was the only one that would stay still enough, Rob was on lighting speed for most of the day.

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Mary Edwards said...

I loved running into you guys. Cora is so big. I love her hilarious faces!